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Halti Head Halter

This is one of my favourite products for dogs that pull, have trouble with being distracted on walks, lunge, or bark. The loop around the nose attaches to a leash and can be gently pulled up to make the dog close the mouth and focus on you. Because it is attached around the face, dogs cannot pull. There is also a safety strap that attaches the head collar to a flat collar in case the dog gets the Halti off. Dogs do require some exercises to make them like and accept the head collar and this is provided in the package and on my website at the link below:


If you are local I will also come to your home and fit the product for you and go over the desensitization process. If a dog paws at his/her face, they can sometimes get the Halti off so this training is important so that they can avoid ever learning this. I stock size 0 – 5. NOTE..this product does not work as well on short nosed dogs as they can remove it more easily. There is no charge for a fitting if you decide not to purchase.

Cost: Ranges from $15.75 - $19.95 depending on size.