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Plastic Basket Muzzles

If you have an aggressive dog, a muzzle can be used (ALWAYS WITH SUPERVISION) to prevent and help retrain behaviours as safely as possible. There is small insert near the end of the muzzle that I usually remove to allow positive training methods based on rewarding good behaviour with treats. Dogs to need to go through some training to prevent anxiety over the muzzle and to allow owners to muzzle easily. Some information is available on the website at this link under the Head Collar section and will be demonstrated in person when muzzle is fitted:


I stock sizes 2-12 (with 11 and 12 being designed for short nosed and large dogs with an extra attachment that goes between the eyes). NOTE, IF YOU HAVE A DOG THAT IS AGGRESSIVE TO STRANGERS I MAY REQUIRE THAT YOU BRING THE DOG TO A LOCAL VETERINARY CLINIC FOR FITTING OR I MAY HELP YOU FIT YOURSELF. More information and consults can be provided and are highly recommended for any dog showing aggressive behaviours.

Cost: $15.75 - $ 21.00 depending on size