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Cody is modelling the Thundershirt. This dog jacket has a double Velcro closure around the chest that provides a snug fit. It is washable and a thin breathable comfortable material. This product is designed to reduce anxiety and has a calming affect similar to that shown in studies where it was found that a weighted vest had a calming affect on autistic children. It will help reduce anxiety in dogs with mild-moderate anxiety. It is a natural way to help pets with storm phobias, noise phobias, veterinary stays, car rides, travel or generalized anxiety. It can also be used along with retraining and medication for dogs with severe problems. I stock sizes from XS to XL and if you are local I will come to your house and fit the shirt for you and give you some free information on how to start retaining the problem behaviour. Severe storm anxieties often need a combination of treatments which I can provide as well.

Cost: $37.80