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Pet Mobile Vet Clinic House Call Practice

What is different about this practice?

The most obvious answer is that we provide house call service. We come to your home. We may bring the pet to the mobile clinic to weigh them or to draw blood or do nail trims but most procedures will be done in the comfort of the pet’s home.

We all have a strong interest in behaviour and we want to practice in a way that your pet enjoys the visit or at least is less fearful than normal. Many pets enjoy their first few veterinary visits and then become more and more fearful. We endeavour to use the newest handling techniques and positive rewards to make the visit less stressful. In the mobile clinic we use many techniques to reduce stress. Stress relieving techniques may include some or all of the following:

  • Adaptil and Feliway sprays that are products that have a scent that smells like a lactating mom and have been shown to reduce stress.
  • Lavender scent for calming.
  • Thundershirts for pets in clinic. This product has been shown to reduce (mild/moderate) stress possibly by the pressure of the snug fitting jacket.
  • Calming classical music such as Through the Dog’s Ear.
  • Providing a visual barrier like a box or towel over the door for pets showing stress.
  • Kennels set up so that pets cannot see each other.
  • Sedation for pets that are not well managed with the above. Sedation used may include drugs that not only reduce their stress but have the effect of reducing their memory of the stressful event. This means that they should have a reduced memory of the stress so the stress is less likely to worsen in the future. We don’t want pets to learn to be frightened and we don’t want fear to become a habit.
  • Low stress handling techniques. These are techniques using minimal restraint and trying to do things in a manner that reduces pet stress. For example, for dogs that don’t like their feet touched we will use a vein on the side of a back leg with the dog standing. This requires less restraint and is less intimidating for the dog.
  • For frightened cats a higher kennel and or a hammock to make them feel more secure often paired with a box to provide a hiding spot and/or a towel over the door for a privacy curtain.
  • In some cases we may sedate in the home and then move the pet to the vehicle once sedated to reduce their stress.
  • Calming caps for stressed or hyper dogs. This is like a mask and reduces visual stimulation.
  • Managing our own emotions and remembering that the kinder and calmer we are the better most pets react.
  • For smaller pets soft cones instead of the hard plastic cones.
  • Another anti-lick device that we may suggest is the Buster Body Suit which is a thin fabric forming a pet body suit. Again, this is less stressful than the cones (although some pets will need both).
  • For any pet that is travelling with us for the day we will constantly be assessing their stress level. Any pets that are showing stress will be taken home as soon as able to reduce their stress.
  • We can offer tips on how to reduce your pet’s fear to certain situations. For some pets with mild fear we may be able to demonstrate this for you.
  • Behaviour Consultations can be done for pets showing fear or any other behaviour issues.

As the vehicle itself is not a very green solution we will do our best to offset this by recycling and booking appointments in areas in blocks to reduce travel. This will also help us keep our fees lower as well.