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Mission Statement

As the owner of the Petmobile Vet Clinic there are several things that are important to me.

My goal is to provide very high quality preventive pet care to owners. To me prevention is always best as it will improve your pet’s lifespan and quality of life. I want owners and their pets to feel special and respected. I aim to have my clinic provide care that takes into account not just the physical health of the patient but also the mental health. This means a focus on handling techniques that are kinder and gentler than those of the past. I also want to accomplish this goal by providing behaviour advice. I plan to practice in a fair and ethical way suggesting testing or referrals when necessary and that are in the best interest of the pet!

In owning and running this business I want to have a good work/life balance so that when I am working I am happy and able to give of myself. I would like to earn a good living and provide a positive work place for my employee(s). I also hope to give back to the community.

I hope to meet you and your pet and I hope that you will feel that I am committed to this mission.