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about liana mawer

I grew up on a farm in a rural area. As a child I had a pet rooster, calves, horses, dogs, cats, ducks, a donkey… pretty much any animal that I could convince to hang out with me. I was always very shy and I felt, and still feel, that I can relate better to animals than people. I went to secretarial college after high school and worked for about 5 years before realizing how much I missed animals. So I decided that I wanted to do something that involved animals. I took three years of Biochemistry at the University of Calgary to obtain the prerequisite courses needed to apply for veterinary school. While in Calgary I also volunteered at the Calgary Humane Society. I applied and was accepted to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. I moved to Saskatoon and graduated from WCVM in the year 2000. I worked for 5 years in a small rural mixed animal practice, 3 years in government work, and then returned to private practice as a small animal veterinarian. I have been filling in for Brandon vet clinics and doing behavioural work for several years. I am very excited abut this new venture with my own practice and will do my best to provide great service with less stress to my clients and their pets

Along with medicine I have a passion for behavioural medicine. This passion first emerged due to a wonderful Pharmacology Professor at veterinary college, Dr. Trisha Dowling. She introduced my class to a behavioural medicine book by Dr. Karen Overall. School was not easy for me financially but I knew I had to have this text. Good thing I bought it as I adopted my dog Buddy in third year of veterinary school. This book became my saviour as I dealt with his numerous behavioural issues. The changes I saw in him and the difficulties I had in his rehabilitation gave me a good understanding of the challenges faced by pet owners. It was very rewarding to see him go from a worried, slightly aggressive, anxious dog to a happy, healthy, loving and very special member of our family!

I am not a board certified veterinary behaviorist rather a general practitioner with experience and passion. I have taken the time to further my knowledge and experience in this subject. I hope I can share this knowledge and help you too. Every year I go to conferences, do webinars, read current articles and subscribe to newsletters to stay current. My continuing education over the last few years includes:

  • 2011: 34 hours of continuing education with 21 hours of this in behavioural medicine
  • 2012: 57.25 hours of continuing education with 28.75 hours of this in behavioural medicine
  • 2013: 49 hours of continuing education. 41 hours was in behavioural medicine. In May I attended a hands on lab course with three behaviourists instructing. This 34 hour course included lectures, actual cases and presentations.
  • 2014: 32.75 hours of continuing education. 3 hours of this is for behavioural topics.
  • 2015: 22 hours of continuing education. 20 hours of this was a very exciting and useful online course in Low Stress Handling (Silver Certification). This was a pretty intense course that has been very useful in my practice!

My other interests include horse riding, dog training, travel, nature, yoga, tennis, and meditation.