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What to expect with a House call

With a house call visit we will call the day or night before to confirm. We ask that you do not feed your cat or dog before we come and to have lots of their favourite treats available. We like to use treats for positive rewards. We suggest that you confine the pet(s) before our arrival so they don’t disappear on us. We also ask that you phone your regular clinic and have your records emailed to us well before the appointment. A form can be provided that you can sign and give to them if they request it.

When we are on our way to your home we will call and leave you a message. On arrival we will take dogs to the mobile clinic to weigh them. For cats we will likely bring the small scale in to weigh them. The technician will take a history and start filling in the paper work and then the vet will examine your pet. After the exam the vet and/or the technician will discuss any health issues and give you preventative information. If your pet requires treatment or testing we will make an estimate and then you will advise us how you want to proceed. If testing or treatment is necessary we may be able to do some things in your house. If unable to do in the house we will move the pet to the mobile clinic and either take the pet with us and return the pet later or treat and return the pet immediately. At times we may suggest referral for x-ray, ultrasound, or hospitalization. Delivery of pet(s) to other clinics can be arranged.

Our standard appointment is 30 minutes. If a longer period of time is required an extended exam may be charged.

We prefer payment by debit card.