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Personalized Behavioural Consultations

Personalized service is available to pet owners in and around Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. Persons in other locations across Canada may be able to access my service through questionnaires and videos. I am also willing to travel to some areas or provide written information and references to helpful sites.
Personalized service could include any or the following:

  • Assessment and behaviour modification programs for cats/dogs .
  • Preventative behavioural sessions for new cats/dogs or assessments to improve quality of life for any cat/dog: I can provide a home assessment of the pet and the environment and do demonstrations of basic techniques to help you with your pet(s). I would go through the behavioural prevention information on the website. For puppies/kittens, this would include simple things like sitting, desensitization to handling, play sessions for kittens, information on exercise, kennel training etc. It would be tailored to the pet based on their personality and preferences. There might be confidence building exercises for the shy or fearful pets, calming exercises for the high energy pets, discussion of nipping etc. A written report would be provided back to the owner .