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about cody

Cody aka.. the little one.

I didn’t think that there was a dog in the world that would have more issues than Bud.. then I met Cody. Cody had very severe fear aggression. His reaction to anything that worried or even just startled him was to bite first and ask questions later. He broke skin when he bit and often inflicted more than one wound when he bit. He did not growl, snarl or bark first. Most of the time, he was a lovely, cuddly, fun loving dog. At first his biting seemed unpredictable but with time I was able to identify his triggers. Triggers included standing over him, reaching to pet him too quickly, fly swatters, startling him, any sort of handling of feet, ears or head, being picked up, and on and on. He also had unusual aggressive behaviour on the bed at night yet he was cuddly and loving on the bed in the morning. He had some aggression towards Buddy at first.

He barked at every little sound in the house and for the first month we didn’t get much sleep. I had planned on working with Cody and then rehoming him but he was so much fun that I couldn’t help but love the little guy and of course I kept him. I’ve had him for two years at the time of this writing and we haven’t had a bite in a long time. There isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t make me laugh with his joy of running and playing and an unusual ritual that he does with a special treat or toy. He pounces on it, growls at it, throws it in the air, does the play solicit bow, circles it, and rolls on it. He is a very happy dog and his rehabilitation is at a point where I’m comfortable and excited to be attending a manner’s class. After that I hope to do an agility class. He still is very loud and unruly at the doorway when strangers come so I’m still working on fixing that as well.