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about cats

I have three cats. OC stands for Orange Cat and Callie for Calico cat and Moto stand for motor (as in she has a loud purr that sounds like a motor). OC came from the first clinic I was at. He needed a home and he was a very friendly and lovely cat so he came home to be an outdoor cat on our acreage. Due to my husband’s cat allergy, we can’t have indoor cats. Our other kitty Callie was dropped off near a friend’s farm and we took her in. She is a little shier than OC and doesn’t like to be picked up and cuddled but she still loves to have a good pet and she will rear up on her hind legs to get petted. My husband (who says he doesn’t like cats…LOL) likes to show visitors his self petting cat. Our newest addition wandered in one morning. I rushed out to water my horses before work and heard and unfamiliar kitten like meow. I found her in the shed behind our barn amount the straw bales. She is a chocolate brown with white and medium length fuzzy hair and whiskers that come down from her face like a comma. She was thin and aobut the size of a 3 month old kitten. From her teeth I know she is at least 6 months old. She had upper respiratory disease (distemper) and was very thin. So we are nursing her back to health and she is doing great.

My husband built the cats a heated kitty condo but in our current place they have a insulated room in the barn with a heater as well as the kitty condo with in the room. They also have a kitty door so they can come and go. We are in a site that is well removed from the neighbours and from the road. They never go far and certainly never miss their meals. They are very helpful when we do work in the yard. Love to "help" me garden. I put in stuff and they dig it up:) I’m happy to report that they actually don’t have any behavioural issues and never have! The picture is of OC and Callie on their bed. It may be difficult to tell from the picture but Callie is giving OC a massage! I hope to add a picture of Moto in soon but she is trick to photograph as she won't stay in one place long enough to snap!